Cargo Bike Superheros

(Sunday, March 9, 2008)

To kick-off this first post, let's talk about heros. Stopping bullets, freezing everything in your path, living in fortresses of solitude, that sort of thing. All the stuff of fiction... unless you are one of these cyclists.

Meet FoamMan. Could 100 cubic feet of styrofoam stop a bullet? I'm not sure, but what this cyclist in China lacks in peripheral vision is more than made-up for in crash-absorbent protection. Gun-toting SUV drivers? Bring it. (photo by meckleychina)

Meet IceMan. Unlike FoamMan, who plays the density game to his favor, IceMan is hauling what looks like a good 1/4 ton of ice blocks. Just look at his fearless stance, and admire the relentless torque that he can summon. (photo by meckleychina)

Finally, meet WoodMan. He found a plot of land, and is using his machine to make it his castle. Two dozen 2x4's mounted on an extended trailer. No power tools for this guy. (photo by shanerh)

Humor aside, these three riders define the outermost limits of what can be done with a bicycle, and I humbly dedicate this first post to their dogged persistence.

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