Xootr: A Bicycle for the Ultra-Minimalist

(Monday, March 24, 2008)

thanks for the photo, 12 OrangeS!

The last few posts have leaned towards bigger/sleeker/stranger variations of a working bicycle. But in the other direction we find bikes that nobody really considers to be bikes. Two wheels, human-propelled, handlebars, brake levers... and yet scooters are largely dismissed as toys. In most cases that's justfied, but the Xootr is an exception.

The larger wheels increase ground clearence and can bridge pavement gaps more smoothly. It has a large platform for adult feet (that's Mely-O's foot right there.) And the fit and finish of the Xootr give the impression that it's engineered for serious, daily use.

It's really a sub-bicycle, and for commuters taking a long hard look at folding bikes, the size and weight of this machine can't be dismissed.

  • Prices: $179-299
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs
  • Deck platform: 7.9in x 24in; constructed from 9 layers of laminated birch with a polyurethane clear coat
  • Folded size 31.1 in long x 9.4 in high x 12.6 in wide
  • Xootr website (and yes, they also sell a folding bike.)

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  1. jazzlamb Says:

    Thanks for creating such a useful and humorous blog. I've got myself a nice commuter already and am thinking about adding a kick-scooter to my commuting quiver of human power vehicles. The scooter would be much easier to transport on the transit system I'm thinking, but the cost of the xootr and other high-end adult scooter is pretty up there. I could use an update to see if you think the xootr is really worth it (and really, I'm interested to see if it handles at all on ice. I live in Toronto and would like to use it in the Winter.) Thanks!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I'm in Vancouver, Canada and I use a Xootr Scooter for multi-modal commuting in the warm months. Speed, convenience, the feeling of being free are all integral parts of the scooter experience.

    Just scooting around during lunch hour is a fantastic getaway from the boredom of office life.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for the post, I'd like to highlight hitting on the stereotype "scooters are largely dismissed as toys". To me this is one of the main reasons of the lack of their popularity.

    What I'd like to inquire about is the nomenclature, "A Bicycle for the ultra-minimalist...sub-bicycle" and in other parts "Kick-Bike".

    The comparison between kick scooters and bicycles, is grossly unfair.

    On marketing the scooter, I'd think of its market niche as human powered vehicle (HPV) that can work in crowded places, serves faster in smaller distances. If compared to the bicycle; the scooter requires less skills.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    What I like about the scooter is that it is light weight, small, folding, speedy, easy and energy efficient, easy to handle in crowded traffic, low-speed stability, permitted on footways.
    Above all, it's the nostalgia to the fun and the 'aha moments'of childhood.

    I also am not a fan of comparing it to a bicycle, or to walking. I dare say I'm not a fan of words like 'kick' or 'bike' to be coined to the scooter.

    It more like a minimalist simplistic midway between both, the time where I thought of comparison was watching 'zoobombing' event, and I thought that scooters would fare excellently in this domain.

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