Poll Results: CO2 or Mini-Pump?

(Tuesday, February 24, 2009)

110psi, originally uploaded by nuzz.

I got to wondering about this when I saw one of Blackburn's latest CO2/multi-tool widgets. For some reason I've always associated CO2 cartridges with road bikes, and as an owner of everything but, I've never considered them.

So I was curious if commuters use 'em, and decided to conduct a Twitter poll:

Some of the more interesting tweets:

@davidjschloss - both. Pump if you've got time on the way to work, co2 if you flat in the rain
@ryanalward - CO2 for really horrible conditions(rain, late to work), pump for the rest. It is more ecofriendly that way.
@mtbJohn - Mini-pump for me. CO2 is fast but I don't like the disposable nature of them.
@panasonicyouth - RoadMorph portable floor pump. CO2 is not dependable enough and the RoadMorph has saved my ride more times than I can count.
@roncreel - My vote: mini-pump. Just seems to be more disposable if lost, stolen, or thrown at a motorist driving in the bicycle lane

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  1. John the Monkey Says:

    Specialized Airtool for me (a longish pump, but not really a true frame pump). I've used a Road Morph in the past too, and they are excellent. The AirTool has the advantage of a better bracket (pump sits to the side, not the top so you don't lose a bottle cage) and lower rrp (£10 ish in the uk, as opposed to £25-£0 ish for the road morph).

    TBH, with most flats, pumping the tyre up probably takes least time out of all the tasks you have to perform to fix it.

  2. Sherwood Says:

    Good point about the time is takes. What we need somewhat to invent is some clever claw-like replacement for tire levers. If anyone knows of some clever tool for that, let us know.

  3. Anonymous Says:

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