Review: Cateye LED Taillight

(Wednesday, November 5, 2008)

Good lighting is essential for the bicycle commuter, especially during the spring and fall months when commutes are likely to happen in twilight conditions. But unlike recreational cyclists, commuters need tough, cheap components that'll survive daily use for a good long while, but won't be a magnet for theives.

That rules out all those high-tech zenon/rechargeable units, leaving solid little devices like this Cateye LED Taillight. For $10 you get a surprising level of functionality: a triple-LED set-up, multiple flashing patterns, and a large lens that glows off to the side. Plus, unlike a lot of basic taillights that run on button batteries, this one uses AAA's - more convenient to buy, and you can carry a few extra in an Altoids tin in case your head- or taillight goes dim.

Cateye TL-LD130 LED Taillight, about $10 at Amazon.

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