Review: Laundry Dropps Detergent

(Wednesday, November 12, 2008)

No, this doesn't belong on my Using Washboards blog (and no I don't have such a blog, although... note to self.)

I'm also not gonna suggest that you use these little detergent packets to scrub your Spandex during your next multi-week trans-Europe ride.

But if that was your guess, you're close. Laundry Dropps make the ideal detergent choice for cyclists who use their bike for grocery runs. A 20-load pouch of these weighs far less than a jug of Tide, and takes-up less space in your backpack or trunk bag. They're 6x concentrated, conveniently drop into any machine, and have done a great job with even my most aromatic loads.

Laundry Dropps Detergent, about $7 from Target
(Or get a 60-load from Amazon for $23, if you're not feelin' it today.)

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